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With 28 years of buying and selling Arts & Crafts objects, I have extensive knowledge of current and historical values in both the retail and auction markets, as well as a broad awareness of the current trends in the Arts & Crafts market. With well-established clients all over the United States and a low overhead because of my rural location, I am able to work on much smaller margins than many of my big-city colleagues. What this means is that I can often pay substantially more than other dealers.

Through my store, The Mission Oak Shop, and through my auction business, Craftsman Auctions (which I run with David Rago and Suzanne Perrault) I have handled thousands of pieces of Stickley, Limbert, Roycroft, Rohlfs, Lifetime, Harden, and other Arts & Crafts furniture; thousands of pieces of Art Pottery by Marblehead, Rookwood, Grueby, Newcomb College, Weller, Roseville, Walrath, George Ohr, and others; hundreds of pieces of metalwork and lighting by Dirk Van Erp, Roycroft, Gustav Stickley, Stickley Brothers, Handel, Heintz Art Metal Shops, Kalo, Jarvie; as well as a good selection of Fine Art, Linens, Rugs, Books, Photographs, and other items from the Arts & Crafts period.

Top Prices Paid for Stickley Furniture and other Furniture and Items from the Arts & Crafts Period

We are looking for the following items:

Furniture from the Arts & Crafts Period (1900-1922)

  • Gustav Stickley Furniture
  • L&JG Stickley Furniture
  • Limbert Furniture
  • Roycroft Furniture
  • Rohlfs Furniture
  • Stickley Brothers Furniture
  • Charles Stickley Furniture


  • Grueby Pottery
  • Saturday Evening Girls Pottery
  • Newcomb College Pottery
  • George Ohr Pottery
  • Marblehead Pottery
  • Rookwood Pottery
  • Tiffany Pottery
  • North Dakota School of Mines Pottery
  • Fulper Pottery


  • Tiffany Lamps
  • Handel Lamps
  • Dirk Van Erp Lamps
  • Roycroft Lamps
  • Stickley Lamps
  • Old Mission Kopper Kraft Lamps
  • Albert Berry Lamps
  • Heintz Art Metal Shops Lamps
  • Bradley and Hubbard Lamps


  • Dirk Van Erp
  • Tiffany Studios
  • Roycroft
  • Stickley


  • Paintings
  • Woodblocks
  • Photographs
  • Tooled Leather Roycroft Books
  • Carved Arts & Crafts Frames

If you have something you may be interested in selling, you can contact me via email, US mail, or phone.

Jerry Cohen
109 Main Street
Putnam, CT 06260
(860) 933-2961